Thrifty Thursday: Frozen Chicken Breasts from Costco

I don’t know about you, but we like frozen chicken breast here. It’s versatile and the mild flavor is pretty kid-friendly. The biggest problem is that it can be expensive. I shop sales, but the most reliable source I’ve found is actually… frozen chicken breasts from Costco!

Costco offers a great price on frozen chicken breasts every day!

For a long time, I thought Costco was too expensive for chicken breast. The fresh packs are definitely no cheaper than our grocery store’s sale price, and they carry a frozen brand called Coleman that’s also pretty pricey. But then I figured out to look for the ten pound bag of frozen chicken breasts – score! The brand is Wayne Farms.

It’s only $21.99 for 10 pounds of chicken breast. And, bonus, it’s sliced thin. We used to spend so much time slicing the big, thick grocery store chicken breasts in half so they would cook more quickly (plus I just prefer the texture when they’re thin). Sometimes I’d ask the butcher to slice them for me but I often grocery shop at odd hours, when there’s no butcher available – and many stores don’t even offer a butcher at all anymore. So this was a super happy find.

The chicken pieces are individually quick frozen. That means you can take out just one or two at a time. I’ve found them to be pretty clean, too – I don’t have to do a lot of trimming to remove fat or the tendon that runs through chicken breasts. Given that they come out to just $2.19 a pound, that’s pretty amazing.

They are coated with a brine type solution, to prevent freezer burn, according to the bag. I’ve found them to be moist, tender, and have a good flavor. I love Aldi but sometimes their frozen chicken breasts can be kind of… globby with fat and taste a little off. The bags often seem to be full of ice, which means they’re probably a bit freezer burned. And the price actually isn’t much better. It’s $6.49 for 3 pounds at our Aldi, which comes to $2.16/lb – I’d rather pay the extra three cents for better-tasting chicken!

I will add that Zaycon Fresh (my referral link) offers a substantially lower price – just $1.49/lb at the time of this writing for residents of the Northeastern US; it’s $1.69 elsewhere. However, there are a few caveats. You have to buy 40 pounds of chicken breast; you have to get to a sale site during their operating hours (around here they schedule half-hour stops during the day); and the sales can be infrequent. It’s been many months since I last saw one within 50 miles of me. Their delayed return is the reason for the 20c/lb discount. All that said, if these conditions work for you, Zaycon Fresh is the clear winner for price. I’ve heard the quality is excellent, and I plan to use this option myself once we can get a chest freezer.

What do you think? What price do you pay for boneless, skinless chicken breast? How often do you eat it? Join our Facebook group and let me know!


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