Getting to Know Cilantro: Herbs and Spices 101

This is the first in a series about herbs and spices. We see them in recipes, but we often don’t know much about them! I originally started this series for a blog I had about ten years ago, but I’m updating it. This time, we’ll be getting to know cilantro. This post contains affiliate links – but not to I Hate Cilantro. They’re on their own.

I know that many people really strongly dislike cilantro. They think it tastes like soap. To those people, I apologize; cilantro is one of my favorite herbs and I eat it like it’s going out of style. It’s likely there will be many recipes posted here, especially as we move into the summer months, that feature its delicious floral citrusy flavor. I encourage you to try it in a few different applications, but if you really just hate it the way I hate oregano, you can find support at I Hate Cilantro.

Cilantro can be a love it or hate it flavor - which side are you on?

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