Free Pinterest Content Calendar from Simple Pin Media: Review

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If you’re a new blogger, like I am, it feels like there are just way, way too many different things to do in order to build up your audience. I know I’m still in the very beginning stages, but I’ve found a few sites that I find super helpful. Today I’d like to share Simple Pin Media with you, along with their amazing, FREE Pinterest content calendar for 2017!

Get a FREE Pinterest planner from Simple Pin Media.
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Kate Ahl heads Simple Pin Media, and offers a ton of free information for bloggers who use Pinterest. She also has a paid course, which I haven’t taken yet, but plan to, simply because her free content is so amazing. One of my favorite features from her site is the free Pinterest calendar.

The calendar gives really clear direction for each month of the year, with suggestions on rearranging your boards, what content to pin when, and strategies to try. When I get too overwhelmed with wondering what I should be doing, I like to get this calendar out and get back to basics.

The layout is super clean and very easy to follow. There’s also a Simple Pin Media Facebook group, and it’s one of the best blog-related Facebook groups I’ve joined. I definitely recommend checking it out! The podcast is great as well, although I know it can be hard to find time to listen when the kids are awake – I actually listen at bedtime because my toddler is used to audiobooks as she falls asleep!

You can download your copy for free by joining Kate’s mailing list – and the list itself is full of good Pinterest tips, too!

You’ll notice that Simple Pin Media recommends Tailwind, and I do, too. It’s a great resource and they offer a free account – it just limits the number of posts you can schedule in a month. I used the free account for a few months to make sure I liked the service, which is officially sanctioned by Pinterest. I’m now a happy, paying subscriber and I think it’s been totally worth the time to learn how it works.

If you’re looking to make Pinterest part of your blog strategy – and I think you should if you’re in any kind of food, craft, fashion, home decor, or DIY niche – you should absolutely grab this calendar!
I didn’t receive any compensation for writing about this 😉 I just love it that much. I’ll post updates throughout 2017 with my blog’s progress as far as traffic, including how Pinterest performs for me!

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