Free Meal Planning Course

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Have you heard from seventeen of your friends that meal planning is super fantastic, but you just can’t figure out where to get started?

You’re not alone! It can be totally overwhelming to get started. That’s why I created this free meal planning course, delivered via email.

Want to try meal planning, but feeling overwhelmed? This free course will walk you through creating a one-week meal plan!

It’s totally free. You’ll get five emails over five days, each with simple homework steps to complete. You can do one each day, or space them out in a way that works for you. At the end, you’ll have a meal plan you can use, and the skills to create more.

These are the same techniques I use to create the monthly meal plans I share here on the blog, so it’s what I use for my own family. I hope it will help make your life easier, too!

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