Replacing Paper with Cloth, One Step at a Time: Paper Towels

I’ve been thinking lately about the environment, our budget, and household waste. The amount of trash we generate is kind of alarming; not only is it bad for the planet, it’s bad for our bottom line. We’ve tried here and there to replace paper with cloth – paper towels, napkins, tissues, and feminine hygiene, primarily – but it never seems to stick for long. We’re going to try again, though, without changing a million other things at the same time. Just replacing paper with cloth, one step at a time. If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, let’s give it a try together. I’m planning to start by replacing paper towels with cloth.

Replacing paper with cloth, one step at a time - starting with paper towels

The biggest obstacle in the past has been a lack of laundry facilities or a lack of laundry routine. We have a washer and dryer now, so that’s become easier. But I know that without a routine, permanent transition to reusable cloths is never going to take root for us. I’ve found that, with any kind of change, I need to make it habitual. This will come as zero surprise to anyone who has read any kind of self-improvement blog, book, or tweet, I’m sure.

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