Technique 101: How to Make the Best Gravy

How to make the best gravy, for any meal, including Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is approaching (at least for my American readers – sorry this is late for you, Canada!), and that means it’s time to talk about how to make the best gravy. I know gravy scares a lot of people, but it’s really not so bad – I promise! And once you know how to make amazing gravy, nothing can stop you. Muhahaha. Not to mention it gives you lots of cold-weather dinner options.

Gravy is also budget-friendly, because it lets you stretch pan drippings and stock – both things that are otherwise thrown away (or not made at all). If you read my post about rotisserie chickens, you’ll know that I love making stock from those – and it’s so simple and so flavorful. You won’t need to buy canned or boxed broth again! But if you haven’t gotten around to making your own stock yet, there’s nothing wrong with broth from the store. I also use and recommend Better than Bouillon (it’s cheaper at Costco); it’s less expensive and takes less space to store than fully liquid broth or stock. Speaking of which:

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