Weekly Want-to-Bake List, February 19

I always see a ton of recipes I’d like to try while I’m working to keep my Pinterest boards useful for everyone and visiting other cooking blogs. You may have noticed a slight baking bent on my Instagram (and maybe even here) lately – it’s because I’ve managed to work baking back into my daily life, and I’m excited about it. So I’m going to start this series, which I’ll call the Weekly Want-to-Bake List – though I’m sure some savory dishes and maybe even drinks will find their way in. Think of it as a weekly roundup, just with a less-accurate name.

  • Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies, and almonds my favorite nut, so this almond snickerdoodle bread from Food52 looks completely amazing. Top of the list. Whoosh. It might even happen tonight.
  • Dinner tonight actually ended up being this Instant Pot potato-bacon-corn chowder. It was amazing. Seriously. I’m going to have some more, I think.
  • I still need to make eclairs for the King Arthur Flour dark chocolate eclair bakealong this month! They’re really not that intimidating, and they’re so delicious.
  • This lemon blueberry loaf from Jo Cooks is calling my name. I am in love with lemon-flavored baked goods right now.
  • The simple almond cake, from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking Chez Moi, via ambrosia baking, is one of the reasons I bought a giant bag of almond flour at Costco last week. I’ve made it before and Dorie’s right; I’m not sure how so few ingredients turn into something so utterly magical, but they do.
  • The challah from Smitten Kitchen, because, unbelievably, I haven’t yet baked it. (Challah is probably my favorite of all breads, and Deb one of my favorite of all bloggers.)
  • And, this weekend, a King Cake via The Kitchn, because somehow next Tuesday is Mardi Gras.

What’s on your baking or cooking wishlist this week? Come talk about it in our Facebook group!

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