About Me

Hi! I’m Jennie. I’m a stay-at-home mom, blogger, and Tupperware lady. I’m 37 (I’m not old!) and I deal with a few health issues that limit my energy and ability to do as many things as I’d like. Who here can say they have enough hours in the day, though?

I started this blog for a lot of reasons. I am fortunate to have met lots of moms of all ages (thanks, magic of the Internet) and most of us struggle to get through the years when our kids are young – and probably after, but don’t tell me about it! Many of us have to form our own families and communities, and we need support while we do that. It is a recognized fact that 3pm is the Worst Hour of the Day – it was true when I worked in an office and it’s true now that I am home with the kids. Our sanity starts to come unraveled, tempers fray, and sometimes eating a Snickers isn’t gonna fix it. That’s where this blog comes in.

My hope is that you can come here during that worst of hours, or at least remember something you’ve read here. I know you have moments when your preschooler’s just run through the room screaming “I want strawberries!” over and over, waking the baby, who you just spent an hour getting to sleep, and you just want to scream because nothing is getting done. I know dinner is often one more thing in a long list of things that make you feel like you’re probably not even treading water. I know sometimes you think you’re lazy because stuff just doesn’t get done, even while you simultaneously know your to-do list would take ten people to finish. I know because me too.

I want all of us to know that we’re not alone, even when it really, really feels like we are the only ones who don’t have it together. So let’s talk about cooking – from mastering basic techniques to save time, to fancy date-night recipes, to ordering a pizza online and not feeling even a little bit guilty. Let’s talk about parenting, about pregnancy and babies and toddlers, about finger foods and temper tantrums. Let’s talk about our homes, and making them cozy havens instead of stressing about the dust on the bookshelf. Let’s talk about family and game nights and the dreaded-beloved family dinner and how to be a family when your own wasn’t so great.

I’m glad you’re here.